Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Report Positive Metallurgical Test Results confirming potential of Low Cost Mining for Buckreef Bingwa Deposit

January 6th, 2014

Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation is pleased to announce positive detailed
metallurgical test results for the oxide, transition and sulphide ore resources on the
Buckreef Gold Project in Tanzania. Final results from column leach tests for the oxide
ore resources are 71% recovery for material that is crushed to 6mm and agglomerated
with 1kg/t cement. Testwork on the sulphide and transition (semi-oxidized) resources
indicate a recovery of 58% using a 12.5 mm crush size and agglomeration using 4kg/t of
lime and 3kg/t of cement. The positive results indicate the potential of alternative lower
cost mining methods.


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